How to get prepared for a move to Canada

Located north from the United States of America, Canada is one of the largest countries in the world. Since 2001, about 250 000 have being moved there each year. Moving to Canada, of course, includes not only the transportation of your belongings, but also obtaining of citizenship. It will be easier to do it, knowing what procedures you need to go through. Therefore, read this article written in partnership with Calgary office mover. Click here to contact us to ask any question related to relocation to Canada. It is a real pleasure for us to help you.

What to do before a move
1. Check out the legal aspects of the move. Moving to Canada can be a complicated process depending on what country you are living in now. Try to find an apartment or a house in advance before you have arrived to the country. In addition, it would be great to find a job before moving to Canada. Besides, this fact is your advantage when talking to immigration officials. Do not hurry with the move and do not pack the stuff until you settle all the legal aspects of moving and then contact to reliable mover company.

2. Apply for a document confirming your legal residency in Canada. It is illegally just to move to Canada and stay there. You must first obtain a residence permit, which will give you all the legal rights. To obtain such a document, you must be included into one of six categories or classes: skilled worker, business immigrants, family sponsorship, immigration by provincial programs, immigration program of Quebec and immigration through the adoption.

3. Learn English and French. Knowledge of English or French will help you to adjust better to life in Canada, it is easier to get a job, to communicate with Canadians, etc. If you live in Quebec, the knowledge of the French language is particularly important. Canadian English is different from British or American English. So if you learn English in your own country, then warn your teacher that you are moving to Canada so that he/she could include words and terms used in this country.

Sylvia Zimmerman gives tips on relocation to Canada partnering with Calgary office mover professionals.

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