How to Move Into Your First Dorm

A lot of people come to Canada for studies and many of them are young people having their first experience of university and living in dorms. It is always confusing and hard to make up one’s mind when moving, especially to another country. This is why we decided to help freshmen move to their first dorms with the tips from professional movers in Victoria.


This is the most important thing to do. Movers claim that many students-to-be forget one or two documents which frequently causes lots of troubles. Be smart and check everything you need before you leave home, especially if you live in a different province or even a country. Make sure that you take your residence confirmation, acceptance letter, personal documents, insurance, and everything else written on the university’s checklist for checking-into the dorms. One more thing here is money. It is not documents, but if you come to dorms without money that would be a huge problem.

Collect items

When you come to study first of all you need to think about the items you are going to need at a new place. Try to take only essential things, because anyway you will not be able to take everything you need, something will have to be purchased on the spot.

When considering clothes you should think of the climate you are moving to. According to Victoria movers freshmen, for instance, frequently forget to grab a jacket or a spare pair of boots. With no doubt, do not try to pack everything, especially when moving from a different country, but try to take two outfits for any type of weather.

Sort and organize

Do not pack everything together. Separate your personal items from studying stuff. In this way it would be easier for you to unpack, first of all, and also work with movers as you will know what its fragile, what cannot be turned over and what should go where while unpacking.

Bring tools

This aspect is relevant mostly for boys, however if you are a girl requiring a mirror or several frames on the wall, make sure to take at least a couple of screwdrivers and a basic hammer.

Don’t forget memories

While being away from home you will miss your old life even if adoring your current one. So take several photos of you and friends, family, do not forget about your sentimental things such as soft bedding and pillows or toys to create a cozy environment in your new home.

And the last tip from professional movers in Victoria is to always remember about shipping. In case there still too much things that you have to take but are not able to, remember that you can ship all that extra stuff or simply get a mover for pro help.

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