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The list of specialties (24 in total, updated in accordance with changes in 2013) is an officially recognized priority for Canada. If your specialty is in the list, you can count on a positive result when considering your immigration forms according to Skilled Worker program. For each category, there is a limits, ie it is impossible to accept more than a certain number of applications.

Most often, when it comes to finding a job in Canada, people choose the tactics of sending out resumes and cover letters.

Searching for job in Canada: mistakes, recommendations and advice: First of all, make sure that the job advertisement published by real employer. This will cut off the 80% of scammers. If the announcement is given by real employer, you must specify the following: name of the organization or the organization's website, a local phone number or office address.

If the employer asks for your full name, address, telephone number, date of birth - most often it is the collection of information for the purpose of resale.

Under no circumstances should you give out your Social Insurance Number as long as you are hired. You should provide this information only when the contract will be signed.


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