Why Canada ?

Canada is seen by many to be one of the most desirable places in which to live. Six times in the last ten years, the United Nations' Human Development Index rated Canada as the best place in the world to live in. This UN survey, which takes into account many different criteria such as income, education, public safety, housing, cost of living and life expectancy, placed Canada first among 174 countries during the last six years.

Although Canada enjoys a high standard of living, the cost of living remains quite low; Toronto ranks 103rd in the list of world cities, Vancouver 120th, Montréal 127th and Calgary 131st. Canadian cities are bargains when compared to other industrial countries, Canada is one the best places in the world where the cost of living is the lowest. The G.I.P per person is of $23.500.

Canada has also been blessed with almost endless land area. It is the second largest country in terms of area, but ranks only 31st in terms of population. Canada's population of 31 million shares almost 10 million square kilometers of land.

Each year, Citizenship and Immigration officers: process more than 100,000 immigration applications; process about 100,000 employment authorizations; grant close to 45,000 visitor extensions; conduct approximately 20,000 investigations; supervise the removal of about 5,000 people from Canada who were in the country illegally; in Canada alone, staff processed over 50,700 student authorizations (documents issued for new entrants and extensions); and staff abroad processed 33,200 student authorizations.


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