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The educational system in Canada consists of ten provincial and two territorial systems, which include public, private and Catholic schools. According to Canadian law, children must attend school from 6 or 7 years to 15 or 16 years. To ensure this process, all public schools are funded. In Quebec, many colleges and technical schools are also funded by the state, so they charge only a small registration fee for tuition. Unlike other developed countries, Canada has no national system of education. According to the constitution, each province plans, organizes and controls the educational process. Provincial education systems are similar to each other. They reflect religion, history and culture of the province.

The heads of provincial educational departments, which are headed by an elected minister, set standards, approve subjects and finance educational organizations. Responsibility for primary and secondary schools lies on the elected local school boards or commissions. The central government plays a vital role in the educational system. It provides financial support for higher education and the teaching of the two official languages of the country - English and French.

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