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Today Canada offers the world's lowest corporate income tax and the highest rate of new workplaces. Contrary to popular belief, it is much cheaper and easier to do business in Canada rather than in the U.S. There are many favorable factors differentiating a set of conditions for doing business in Canada, among them:

  • lower price on land;
  • lower cost of construction;
  • the cost of electricity in Canada today is the lowest in the world;
  • the most favorable conditions for attracting investment;
  • availability of risk capital (venture capital);

A large number of different government - federal and provincial programs designed to support business development, small and medium-sized businesses. If you are a businessman, you have the opportunity to set up your company in Canada. Start from scratch or develop existing business. For years, entrepreneurs transform ideas into products and services. On the one hand they satisfy the needs of customers for their products and services, on the other hand build their own careers. Official Canadian authorities are ready to assist entrepreneurs by offering them evaluate their business potential by answering the so-called National Test for Entrepreneurs (National Entrepreneurship Test). This test is available on the Internet. The test provides you with recommendations and overall assessment of your business potential in Canada.

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