Canada immigration tips

Many visitors of our site are concerned with the issue what to do right after arrival to Canada.
1. Get off the plane prepared. Take the luggage and prepare your documents. They should be translated into English or French. You need the following documents: Canadian immigration visa and proof of permanent resident status for each family member, who will fly to Canada with you, a valid passport or other official document for each family member arrived with you, two copies of a list of all personal or household items that you have brought with you, two copies of a list of all the things that will come later, and their monetary value.

2. Be prepared to answer a few questions. You have to pass through two officers at the border. Do not nervous. If you have all the necessary documents, it all will over very quickly. The first officer will ask you about your plans, and the people who came with you, about the amount of cash, and the state of your health. The second officer will simply ask what things you have brought with you, look at your declaration and ask a few questions. Basically the officer wants to know whether you are traveling with an animal, or any prohibited food, as well as ask about the firearms. Do not give any false answers, as this will be a serious crime. Read more how to get prepared for a move to Canada.


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