What is Administrative Assistant Certification

Here are collected the most important facts about the programs on administrative assistant courses in Toronto. Read the information below about the most common courses, employment options and what opportunities you can get after the graduation.

Administrative assistant certificate programs can usually be available at two year vocational schools and community colleges. Such programs often cover the following topics:
- fundamental computer knowledge;
- a wide range of customer services;
- basic office organization skills.

Students can participate in both hands-on learning opportunities and lecture-based courses. Most of such programs require a high-school diploma or GED from the students which they should provide to the institutions before the classes beginning.

Main course topics

Administrative assistant courses in Toronto can usually be completed in a year, depending on the type of studying you choose (full- or part-time). Some programs will require an internship. Here is the list of the most popular courses:
- Business English
- Business Writing
- Communications
- Databases
- Keyboarding
- Microsoft Word for Business
- Office Management

Employment and Salary Information

According to the data provided by the Canadian Bureau of Labor Statistics secretaries and administrative assistants are the largest professions in the statistics for the whole country (in 2008 people of this profession occupied over 1.5 million positions). The Bureau has also predicted that secretaries and administrative assistants would remain a booming career and one of the most desired. At the year 2010, the average salary for these professions was around $32,000 per year or $15.38 per hour.

Some info about Education and Certification

Some international organizations (for example, the International Virtual Assistants Association or International Association of Administrative Professionals) can usually offer voluntary work for beginners in the field of administrative assistants. After such work the employees can earn professional certification and credential. Moreover, in some instances passing such an exam can be even counted as a college credit.

Dylan Morgan, a teacher of Business English for administrative assistance course, shares his experience with those who can be interested in this field on behalf of Ccbst.ca administrative assistant courses in Toronto.

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